AI Powered Solutions for healthcare

We are a team of Medical Professionals, Data Scientists and Big Data Experts; we use Patient/Subject information data (such as the patients Symptoms, Signs & Laboratory investigations) and Medical Literature data and combine with deep learning and cognitive technologies to achieve actionable insights regarding diseases & patients.

Deep learning networks can scan patient data and detect diseases with uncommon i.e. unconventional presentations and also rare diseases. This will help in early detection and treatment. Deep learning networks can also provide new insights into diseases which will help in better understanding (concept) of disease aspects such as causation, evolution & response to treatment.

Our deep learning technology can incorporate a wide range of inputs from partners (even unstructured data) such as Patient Symptoms, Signs, Radiology and Pathology investigations, especially images.

Datacogin works with various partners and health agencies in India to develop AI based clinical decision making products which can be easily integrated into your existing diagnostic modalities.

After two years of experience, field investigations, surveys and interaction with patients, doctors, hospitals and institutes in the field of medical research, we are able to understand the gaps in the medical system.

At datacogin,
  • We Provide EFFICIENT, accurate & labor saving automation in diagnosis
  • We Provide solutions with easy to interpret insights, which help medical professionals in India for better treatment of patients.
  • Solve problems associated with the training of medical staff to learn how to read medical images.
  • Our mission is to provide low cost equipment, easy to use medical devices in rural areas with minimum training to effectively interpret the images and use devices.

We offer following health solutions on MedcogIn

NeuroCOGIN ™ deals with one of the most common cause of death in India

Our team during the field study in three states of India discovered that huge amounts of that highly critical time is practically wasted by not being able to prepare for the incoming emergency. Too many questions have to be asked after the patient arrived. Questions that could be answered much earlier, allowing the hospital staff to prepare for the soon arriving patient.

We worked out a set of information, which can be easily collected and quickly performable tests that are especially suited for being executed by emergency physicians on the way to the hospital in a matter of minutes. We have developed and validating software solution that allows to collect all those relevant information and send it right to the emergency room at the hospital. We provide right on-spot questions that we specially developed together with medical experts of each division, combined with an easy and fast to use user interface.

We have collaborated with labs to make quicker decisions to save lives and provide medical support.

We have developed an automated and recordable test analyzer with cloud based solutions. Prototype is validated . Accreditation in progress. Mass manufacturing of product by partners is in discussion

Detection of certain abnormalities (Especially infections Ex: Malaria, Microfilaria, Trypanosoma etc) in smears & sections of patient test materials (Ex: Peripheral Blood Smears, Bone Marrow Aspiration Smears, Bone Marrow Biopsy Sections etc) by Automated, Efficient, Sensitive, Specific, Time Saving & Low cost methods. Many of these can be performed even without the specific requisition for particular tests

From healthcare providers to researchers, if you are working to improve health and well-being, MedcogIn can help you. We provide knowledge to help clinicians take better care of their patients.